Overtime, Meal & Rest Breaks

Overtime, Rest & Meal Breaks

Federal and state law provide important workers’ rights as to how breaks and overtime must be provided to employees (subject to certain exceptions).


If you work over 8 hours in one day or 40 hours in one week, you should be paid an overtime rate of 1.5 times your regular rate.  Overtime must be paid on all hours, even hours where you did not physically work, such as if you took sick pay, or if you were forced to skip legally mandated meal and rest breaks.  

Meal Breaks

Undisturbed meal breaks must be provided and taken.  If they were not, were you paid a meal premium penalty?  Was the premium subject to overtime compensation, if you had worked more than 8 hours that day?

Rest Breaks

Undisturbed rest breaks must be provided and taken.  If they were not, were you compensated for missing them?  

Am I eligible for compensation?

If you read the above and thought that you answered “yes” to any of the questions, you and your co-workers could be eligible for compensation.

It’s important to understand whether your employer is paying the proper overtime rates, meal premiums, and providing rest periods and rest breaks. Please contact Javitch Law Office today for a free analysis to see if your wages comply with federal and state law.

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