Freedom of Speech

Freedom of Speech

Javitch Law Office will stand up for your rights to freedom of speech. Although most speech online is not protected by the First Amendment, there are many cases where censorship can implicate the government and therefore run afoul of the First Amendment.

First Amendment

The First Amendment restricts all levels of government, officials and officers from violating your Freedom of Speech. Sometimes this implicates private parties as well who are working in conjunction with the government.

Califfornia Constiution

The California Constitution protects your freedom of speech to an even greater degree than the First Amendment. Sometimes even private property owners in California who open their property to free speech may be restricted from censoring people on their property. 

State Action Doctririne

The most important debates today under the First Amendment are taking place within the State Action doctrine. There are several cases alleging that the social media companies violated the First Amendment under the State Action doctrine.  



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