Unfair Pricing for Generic Drugs

Why are my Generic Drugs not available?

Were you expecting your prescription drug to become available in generic only to find that the generic was not available, or not available at a reasonable price?

We all know what generic drugs are supposed to do - offer a competitively-priced alternative to the name brand prescription after the 20 period of exclusivity under the patent expires.  We want the drug companies to invest in new drugs and we think it’s fair to offer them exclusive rights in the market - but I thought that time of exclusivity was supposed to be limited to 20 years?  It seems like drugs that I was expecting to be released in generic form get delayed or never come out at all?

For instance, according to public reports Gilead’s Letairis (ambrisentan) has been approved and is available as a generic, but the price of a month’s supply on discount site Goodrx was over $1,800 per month.  How could this be the “generic price”?

Javitch Law Office is conducting an investigation into this drug’s pricing and the availability of the generic drug.  Please contact our office if the medication you need is being unfairly priced or not becoming available in generic within the expected amount of time.



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