Kraken Ledger Data Breach and Phishing Campaigns

Kraken confirmed that its client data that was recently stolen was used to target their Ledger wallets in a phishing attack this past week. Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange located in San Francisco. Ledger is a provider of cold storage hardware wallets.

Hackers conducted a phishing attack against the Ledger Wallets. By sending emails to Ledger clients pretending to be Ledger, the hackers will attempt to steal login credentials by inviting the user to click on a link that redirects to a fake, cloned copy of the Ledger site. Victims are sent to a page to download a fake copy of the Ledger Live Application.

There was also a delay in issuing the security breach notification that may have caused phishing scams more likely and harmful.

Javitch Law Office is conducting an investigation into this incident. If you received a “Notice of Data Breach” from Kraken and/or you believe you were the victim of the resulting phishing campaign, please contact Javitch Law using the forms to the right or below on this website.