Concerned about Paypal Data Privacy

In July 2021, Paypal announced that it would "partner" with third-party organizations to fight extremism. However, Paypal has not revealed many details about the partnerships. Obviously, Paypal would have to share data with third parties in order to obtain their expertise in fighting extremism. What kind of terms are these data sharing arrangements? Will your data be shared in order to fight extremism? Do you have a right to know?

Javitch Law Office is concerned that the sharing of data to third parties might violate consumers' expectations that PayPal maintain strict privacy controls over your data and transactions. It would appear to defeat the purpose of privacy agreements and data privacy laws if PayPal shared data with third parties, regardless of the cause, unless it was required under the law.

Javitch Law Office is investigating whether Paypal's privacy sharing violates the contracts, applicable laws and statutes. If you would like to contact Javitch Law Office, please do so using the forms on the right or the bottom of this page.